Circumnavigation of the UK by sailing ship

Circumnavigation of the UK by sailing ship.

I make simulations but not games in Blender and have a thread in the finished games.
I am rotating 30 to 40 km size routes. They start from the Solway Firth and currently around to Norh Wales.
Of course simulations can never be finished as there is always something to make or alter…
I will be starting to rotate to rouetes in a few days. 8 currently online including FULL Isle of Man.

On the finished games forum I mentioned if you have any queries or discussion I will reply but perhaps best to use this forum for replies/wueries?. If ‘advising’ or criticising it needs to be in relation to 30 or 40 km routes and also not reduce the frame rates.
Floating sailing ship, sailing flat and gaff-rig boat using rigid body and flat animated water sheet. Working locks in the smaller 20 km Mersey routes c1800.


This is not the correct forum for discussion of a particular finished product. You have a current open thread already which is the appropriate place for discussion/support questions about it.