CiRo In Progress [UPDATE #2 05/12/02]

(S68) #1

Hi folks!

Lately I got the bad habit of posting directly in the Finished Project Forum :frowning:

So, here is the very first and very early WIP of my next BattleMech

Code name: CiRo


Materials are just for easier modelling.

The view actually hides back of leg… where more details are \me self-baps on the head…

Hip is still to be worked on a lot

I’m thinking about a couple of protuding pipers or so in the Leg…



(BgDM) #2

Looks great. Toes seem a little wierd to me, but that could be just me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t wait to see more.

/me really needs ot get his mech done now. :frowning:


(bmax) #3

you should set the lamp shine distance (cant remember the name) higher to avoid sharp edges where the lamps cease to shine… :wink:

your habit is a bad excuse…you’re an admin so you can probably move the thread to a different forum, right? 8)

(CurtisS) #4

I agree with BgDm about the toes. Maybe make them one piece or add another joint?? Otherwise, stellar work so far, Stefano! Also, a nice render for a WIP.

(EnthroneD) #5

how about resizing those thighs…they seem to be rather small for the leg. or mabbe u could rig up a really massive looking one. but its still good!

…waitng for more…

(S68) #6

Thanx for comments…

… I’ll try to see if I can make toes bigger :smiley:

I must stop posting that late… i posted to the WRONG forum… it was intended for the WIP forum, and indeed the message was stating that…

Updates soon :slight_smile:


(S68) #7

SECOND update!!!

First message always shows latest update.

And the good news is that rigging and actions are all ready!

I will either make an animation like this or add some more details in the inner ring :slight_smile:



(paradox) #8

That is so cool. I really like the design. Reminds me of surreal cartoons from the 50’s where strange creatures walked around only not saying your idea looks like a cartoon. Now for the weird comment, I’m more of an artist and not so much an engineer but it seems when it walked there would be a possiblity of it toppling over sideways. So may in the center have some kind of gyroscope thing to keep it upright and from falling sideways.
You’ve got a great imagination.

(BgDM) #9

That is one friggin wierd looking mech leg! I like it.


(paradox) #10

Oh oh oh, forgot this was just a leg my imagination went for a ride and I was thinking it was a complete robot creature. Forget my comments on toppling over :-?

(theeth) #11

It reminded me of those hindu statue with many arms (yeah, I need to see a psychiatrist, I know :stuck_out_tongue: )

It’s really artsy.


(S68) #12

Thanx pals,

paradox you were right in first message, that’s (almost) complete… I’m actually thinking of something to place in the center, but the mech is there at 90%, expecially because vertex count is somewhere around 900k, and I still need place for a landscape :frowning:


(EnthroneD) #13

errr…does it walk or roll on those legs?? :slight_smile:

(S68) #14

You shall see 8)

Anim is at frame 102 out of 600 (15 minutes per frame, so be patient)


(paradox) #15

Cool so it is almost complete, even cooler. Looking forward to seeing the avi. I’m patient. Well almost. Hurry up. :slight_smile: