CiRo is out and rolling!

(S68) #1


After a nice 4 days 24/24 rendering, a quick sequencing and some deal of DivX compression my BattleMech II (codename CiRo) is ready.

Animation is 28 second long.

As usual I provide you with a high quality (and band consuming) 8.1Mb 640 x 512 version for your fullest enjoinment and a stinky quality 0.816 Mb 212 x 160 version for a quick view over a modem.


(paradox) #2

Excellent. I love it. Also love the camera work. So good to see the creation in motion. Well Done

(BgDM) #3

Ditto to what paradox said on the camera work. Excellent stuff. Great model as well.

I have a few questions:

  1. Where is the driver and if there is one, where does he sit?
  2. Where are the weapons? Does it just run you over? :wink:

Nice work as always Stefano.


(pofo) #4

I understand why you put parentheses around the battle part :wink:

The concept kind of reminds me of the description of the smartwheels in Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash. Would be really cool to see them on a motorcycle.

  1. pofo

(S68) #5

Thanx folks :slight_smile:

Well, paradox the gyroscope is hidden within the ring…

  1. No driver, fully automated Mech this is.

  2. Two weapons:
    a - Trampling
    b - Terrible (banned by Geneva Convention) smelly feet gas attack :o

Must have missed this… is it a novel?

I guess I can handle two of those, if I get rid of tubes and pull further downd SubSurf…


(harkyman) #6

Very neat. The visual and rendering quality on the big version is great. The mech is cool, almost surreal. Nice motion on the feet. Great camera work.

And yes, the sequence editor rules!

I’ve been kind of obsessively watching The Two Towers trailers the last couple of days and the battle theme (du-du-du-DU-du-DU-du-DU-du-repeat) just kept running through my head as I was watching your anim.

(Andy Goralczyk) #7

great to seel it rolling, finally :smiley:
good job, especially for the leg animation.

(S68) #8

Thanx … I often go for surrealism 8) … and for quality you haven’t seen the 95% quality 15Mb) DivX I didn’t dared to upload …

I haven’t seen the TT trailer yet… will look for it.

Thanx @ndy too :slight_smile:


(EnV) #9

A Very Great Animation, Stefano! I like everything of it.


(stephen2002) #10

that is FUNNY.

Great work. It seems a bit shiny in places. Now you need to work on it leaving footprints in what appears to be snow.

(Enzoblue) #11

This is stunning Stephano.

If you want to make him a battle mech, I suggest a turret like thing in the middle, like on a gimble type set up. Getting the animation for such a thing brings tears of frustraion to my eye’s already, but hey…

Those leg animations are truly jaw-dropping though. You rock.

(Caronte) #12

Nice anim!
Is good to see somebody rendering anims instead of still images.
See you.

(bmax) #13

kewl!!! at least someone that makes animations!! good job! :smiley:

(Riskbreaker) #14

Cool. Nice camera work too.

(S68) #15


Actually it is salt :wink:

Anyway I was really thinking of footprint, but I was low on resouces :frowning: Anyway, I’ll submit this as well as a lot of other things to your Blender DemoReel thread 8)

Well ‘battle’ is not my most favourite topic :slight_smile: Anyway, I was adding stuff in the middle, but I was afraid it was going to spoil the mood AND blender renderer began to crash :wink:

Thanx a lot Caronte, blendermax and RISKBREAKER


(who is rendering Deep Space II and thinking of Battle Mech III)

(sten) #16

hey S68 !!

that is awsome, now with some battle scenes =)

/me takes out the popcorn and a coke light :wink:

(mthoenes) #17

Very nice, I like the compression of the leg and the slight recoil bounce as each foot takes the weight. Sound would make this awesome.
I would like to see a Sphere hovering in the center of this amazing contraption . Perhaps a giant lidless eye wreathed in flame, no wait that’s already been done… A Metal Ball with cameras and surveillance equipment suspended in an electro magnetic field perhaps…

Great work…