Citroen C4 spot question

Does anybody knows where the dancing Citroen C4 transformer spot is located? From what I’ve heard it should be a parking in Toronto (Canada), but I’m not sure…


Here’s the video to remind people - wait until it loads :P:

Seems like it was shot in Vancouver:

The environment is CG but was built from photographs taken by the team at Embassy VFX. Not sure of the location although Embassy are based in Vancouver so it seems likely that that would be the location they used.

Most people don’t realize it when they watch the spot, but it is entirely CG. We took digital photos of the environment and then modeled low res proxies for the background using photogrammetry techniques to sell the realism and high res meshes for foreground elements such as the trash can and pay station. These foreground models were also made with modo.

Did you guys see that the first link was to a spoof ad that some other animator made using an old Citroen 2CV? It took him less than 2 weeks to do :o.

I also never knew the environment in the original was partly CG.

That real-time reflection shader sounds cool in Modo. That would be useful for sorting out kinks on any model. I’m going to download a trial version.

Yep, I know that it’s all cg, but I was wondering if it’s anyway a real location reconstruction (and I guessed it was Vancouver just because the Embassy VFX studio is based in Vancouver). This because I’m making a parody of the spot for the Suzanne Awards so, if it’s a real location, no copyrights issues at all… :slight_smile: But I don’t think there could be any, anyway.
Actually I had the hope that someone living in Vancouver could confirm this to me.


Here’s hoping I can top osxrules link with this spoof.
The fabulous bumb and rind :slight_smile:

Left me smiling


Got it! It’s definitively Vancouver.
(not mine).


Yeah, I think that tops it. That was so funny. The quality was awesome and the touches like the jiggly egg and the sizzle on the bacon at the end were great. Added to my collection ;).

I wonder who built the office block in the bottom right: