Citroën dc2

This is my latest car, and my first attempt on yafray.

(I actually have no idea what that yellow line on the right is, I haven’t made anything yellow :-? )

Comment & critcs please.

it looks like the wall isnt flush with the ground and the world colors are showing through… but excellent model regardless

Wow, great model and render. I only have a few problems with it:
-Do those big things in the front, which I (perhaps incorrectly) assume are headlights, have any glass in them? If not, they should; if so, the glass is not noticeable enough (unless they’re not really headlights).
-The windshield wipers should be down, in rest position. I mean, who drives around with them half up?
-The tires also look a bit narrow, like bicycle tires or something.
-What is that black line running across the side front window? It looks out of place… Oh and a suggestion: make the part surrounding that window black like the other windows for symmetry.
-I just realized there’s no rear view mirror on the right side. Maybe you should add one?

Those are all relatively minor things though. Again, though, a fantastic car model (even though I’m not particularly fond of cars with that shape), and great job with Yafray. Hope it didn’t cause you too much trouble :wink:

thanks for comments guys.
You’re right about the wall, it’s not connetcted to the ground (maybe this also declares the yellow line), I will definately fix this
well, yes those big things in the front are headlights (i’ve oversized them a bit), and there is glas, but it isn’t really visable :expressionless:
You’re totally right about the windshield wipers
There is no rear view mirror on the left, because its quite an old car (I think it was introduced in the 1960’s or so)

here’s a reference pic i used:

Oh, and i’ve also made an interior, but you don’t really see that, because the alpha value of the windows is too high %|