Citroen DS [ update ]

Hello everyone :cool:
after a long time, back with a new one
Another classic car

c&c is welcome

Good ole car models, everyone’s favorite. I like where this is headed and can’t wait to see what it looks like textured.

Yeah, that looks good! Keep going. Its hard to see the model completely since you only have a few views of it.

Good start !!! keep us posted!

Thank you ristesekuloski, drlog and Grenade for all your encouragement :slight_smile:

here is a small update and more views

c&c welcome

another update

work on the back side a bit


aah, super! i like this car very much and modelled it too(with some faults/problems).
until now your model is looking perfekt and i’ll take a look at your thread and if you are interested you can take a look here:

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Just keep going, I don’t see anything to critique.

Hi mate

This seams like a really accurate en clean start for this car.
I’m not a real Citroën-fan but the DS is kinda funny and I’m sure you’ll make some great renders of it. Looking forward to see them :wink:


Hello gallardo !
Thanks for the reply, actually I have remodelled this completely I will post some updates in the evening. Actually I did not get time recently, but hopefully I can finish this soon.

cheers and thanks again

Here is an update on the DS
more to come



wow looks cool, with some good materials this will be a great render