City Block 51 (Step 1, making the street)


I’m a total n00b with blender, so I figured I’d take on a project that involves a lot of different aspects of 3D modelling and go through all of them one by one in order to become a lot better with this great program.

So I decided to make a map called “City Block 51” which I hope to later find a way to use in Halo CE. Anyway I’ll see about that later. My first issue is getting the street done right.

Issue 1 - Street :

This is what it looks like now 1 2.
What I would like is to give it some more realism, because right now it’s just flat and doesn’t look nice.

Any suggestions?
Thank you, Borg.

P.S: I will update this post each time I run into a new “problem”. Instead of flooding the forum with loads of different threads. As for those who wonder if I bothered to search through the forums. Indeed I did, but I kinda got lost in the explanations I found there.

umm how about a farther back view since i cant really tell what it is, it looks like a plane with a concrete texture with like something sticking out of it (grey thing)

so umm diffrent view please :smiley:

It is a plane with a texture, the thing sticking out is just a box where I want the building to be.

EDIT : There added a second angle. I just happened to place cubes when I planned the buildings to be, theres also a big wall surrounding that block but it’s on another layer so you don’t see it in the render. it would actually have made things less clear if i had included it so i left it out for now. I’ll prob put it back once it’s textured and has more details. cuz right now its just…square-ish.