"City Block" by Jesus_Geek | Looking for Some Suggestions

I have been developing this artwork of a city block in blender for the past few days. I am looking for some quality constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement from other 3D artists who are more experienced than I am.

Please categorize your suggestions as one of the following:

  • Modeling
  • Compositting
  • Composition
  • Lighting
  • Materials
  • Other


Final Render (JPEG):

Edited with GIMP 2.8 (JPEG):


1920 x 1080
Cycles Engine
1200 Samples

Machine:Windows 8 x64
GeForce GT 640 GFX Card
AMD FX 4170 Quad-Core Processor (4.20 GHz)

Its good, but it needs some dirt, rust, and garbage. It just looks too new.

I think you got some scale issues going here. The waiting bench on the right looks quite large especially when compared to the street lights and the road. The whole scene could also use more detail (I guess you’ll be adding that), like cars or trees or people.

Leaning building syndrome. The effect is not extreme enough to be effective when looking at low extreme angle with wide angle so just looks wrong.
No textures on the paths
Top image way too dark for me.
The city looks empty, give it some life.
Bottom image, The sun appears to be behind the building but all the ground is dark, even outside the shadow of the building.
Are there no lights on in the building even at this time of day ? Look at reference photos

I like the overall scene I do see what LiMuBei is saying the bench it quite large, also the bench doesn’t really look realistic to me with that Glossy look, most benches I’ve seen don’t have that nor are they jut a brown simple color they almost always have a wood texture to it, unless repainted.

I don’t know why but some things in the scene just look cartoonish to me, don’t mean to sound mean if I do just stating what I see… Out of place :slight_smile:

You’ve clearly put a lot of work into this composition. But what story are you trying to sell? As it stands this picture looks abandoned and cleaned-up, post-Rapture or something.

As already stated, scales are inconistent for almost everything - road too wide, curbs too thick, flagpole as tall as an office building, etc. Leftmost (white) building seems to have a 1-story pedestal.

Cap off the high-rises better with cornices or other detail. They’ve got the refrigerator look.

A city block standing by itself in the middle of nothing is not believable. The oil tank farm (?) in the bg image probably wouldn’t be in the middle of downtown, and adds to the scale problem.

I like the bridge model but it’s jumbled up with the bench detail. It also doesn’t appear to be crossing anything. Need suggestion of a riverbank, other road, stuff that would be on the edge of whatever’s down there.

Needs details to look lived-in (if that’s your goal) - more trash bins, planters, signs on the sidewalks.The streetlights would probably still be on this early in the morning (?).

Agree that everything needs texturing.
Textures on the white and brown buildings to the left are too low-resolution. Odd bright green light on the balcony of the corner building is very distracting.