City builder exe or Python script.

Alex Mole has written a City Builder as a standalone app and the results can be imported into Blender (import and export scripts in the download) or by using the Blender script (for the new appi). It’s 1.46MB and here’s an example from the above page (lights added afterwards):


  1. cool!

How would I get this to run under Windows (XP home, Full 2.3 python install).

I have tried to figure it out myself, and I have search for information on how to do it, but came back confused!? :-?



There’s a Python file called “Setup” that you need to run from the commandline. I take it you read both of the text files ‘Setup’ and ‘Readme’?


You take it correctly sir, I read all the texts, pertaining to this tool, and have still had not a jot of success eliciting even the mearest of squeeks.
I must say that I am somewhat perplexed what what by jove.

Am I correct in thinking this is the windows command line I should run this in?


Lol Ken. Ok, understand that I was where you were when I worked it out. I did so many trial and error runs that I don’t really remember them all, which worked and which didn’t.

I remember I ran the setup from “Run” in windows. That generates a whole lot of .pyc files (the brown ones). Then you load the file with your basic scene in it (rename it because it will be saved under that name). In the text editor (because I havn’t put them in my Script folder yet) load the 4 .py files that start with “Blender”. Select the "Export one and run it. That saves it to the current directory. Import it with the relevant script and run “” (maybe BlenderPYC imports it? can’t remember). That’s as far as I’ve got. I’m still trying to find out how to access the windows, doors etc.


Fligh % :smiley:

OK thanks for that I will have a go later (much later :smiley: ) me poor old brain is over eatin.


Hmm funny, I’ve been playing a bit of GTAIII the past few days and wondered if such a tool exists.
I must say though that the images on the website aren’t very impressive seems that they could have been modelled in about the same time it would take to install the script. Though I haven’t used the script or read any of the documentation, so I really don’t know :slight_smile: