City Building Size Comparison Chart

Hello everyone. I’ve been doing a bunch of research on population density and distribution and part of an animation project I’ve started involves buildings. I spent a couple of hours doing some research online into average building sizes, floor plans and things like that. I compared notes with someone and threw together this 3D chart of building sizes. In the attached .blend file are several boxes which represent some different sizes for comparison and reference. I thought I’d share this. I’m sure it will be useful to someone.

All sizes are in meters divided by 10. In other words, if you highlight a building and see its size is 42 in the Transform Properties box, multiply by 10 to get its size in meters (420m). The smallest buildings I tried to guesstimate relatively close square footage. The skyscrapers I didn’t really bother that much.

Disclaimer: actual number of stories will vary depending on your region, type of building, individual floor size, etc. I based my calculations off of many different sources and created some averages in my head.

Also a question related to this. Considering the amount of data I’ve gathered and an algorithm I’ve developed for creating a city a la Discombobulator, I would like to develop this into a Python script. Where would be a good place to start learning Blender’s python scripting? I know ZILCH about it whatsoever, but I am willing to learn. :yes:


building_height_reference_01.blend (160 KB)

Thanks, this will come in handy.


Nice blend. It will make a good reference

did you look at other things in buildings
like power electrical - mechanical AC unit size


interesting statitstics

would be interesting to have more data like that on building

don’t want to sound negative but python is not that easy to learn!

there is a forum for python but i you know nothing about python
you may find it a little difficult and it’s gone take some times
before you can feel comfy with it

but i your willing to learn it fine as i said there is a python forun where you can ask questions

so good luck learning python

i was looking at the building 30 meters wide

the scale was not X 10

can you clairfy this

wide = 30
m N transfrom --> y = 6 so if you X 10 - 60 M ?
the 10 flloors building has 7 x 10 70 meters that would be 7 meters / fllor height

that is a little high for one course ?


Thanks for the reference blend.

I came across a city generator script some time back. I have not used it, but I am including it in the BLEND attached. I hope it helps.

PS: I just noticed you are in Columbus Ohio as well! Cheers!


city_block_generator.blend (238 KB)

I am modeling some buildings for a current project and this will be a great reference tool. Thanks!

Ricky, unfortunately you’ve confused the heck out of me. I’m not entirely sure what you’re asking. I may have made an error in my own messing around when I made it. I may remake this scale model thing soon and upload a new version that’s better. Overall though it’s a good rough comparison to use in any event.

sorry if i was not clear i took a look at the scaling versus dimensions indicated on differents objects and it does not look ih proportion to what i see in the n transform panel

unless you change the dimensions in edit mode which might do that!

if you want the n transform values to correspond you need to scale only in object mode - it’a a little trick here

i find this interesting i had some IEEE paper on some size of small high rise building
M than 25 stories - but this was more from an electrical point of point

anyway it’s an intersting subject hope to see a corrected file soon