City Bus Collection WIP

I’ve decided to make a city bus pack that would include most of the buses in the roads that are still being used today, including a mix of old and newer buses.

This week, my plan is to model a bus in a day atleast and to release the pack with 5 buses at the beginning as well as expanding its collection.

Starting off with the Volvo 7000:


Modified windows and making way for the doors

Carving out details

Doors done (for now)

Slow progress at the moment

I’m done with the Volvo 7000 for now

More progress, planning to finish it soon after a hiatus.

With wheel covers:

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Bus Mirrors complete. Made it look accurate as possible.

Interior Layout Complete

Currently making bus skins aswell. First up is the BVG skin from berlin. More coming.

Interior complete (cycles render)

Also created normal map for the vent at the left side.

V7000 finally complete, alongside with some skins, which will be shown later.