City Generator

I thought this was really cool:
Software to generate entire cities.

That is incredibly neat! He’s done some excellent work there.

Thanks for the link.

That’s freaking awesome. The hard part would be texturing it all. Who knows? Maybe they will add a texturing feature to it. That would be great.

Amazing how technology has progressed in such a short span of time. I did read a similar article to this where the main line was along “Yes Rome was built in a day!”

Sooo, any amazing programmer here fancy making a blender version?

I am going to go through my bookmarks. There was a wings 3D tutorial on how to make quick city blocks, complete with roads, sidewalks, windows, and UVmapping.
It was not automatic, but you could pop out some pretty convincing stuff in just a few minuets.
I hope this leads some gifted python hacker, to make a blender version. I have needed a cityscape in the background a few times, and have had to resort to buying photo stock to save time.

If anyone starts this project let me know, I can make lots of different city textures to use freely.

When it comes to creating full-sized realistic textured cities quickly, this isn’t yet as advanced as the generator that created Rome, however, it does have interesting features like creating ruined cities.

I’m currently working with Blendopolis-project, and I have the goal to get there a computer generated part of city, the Source Quarter. I have made some tests, and as it now is, I’m able to construct individual squares of Blender Source directories, like this one:

These maps are now in svg-format, but I’m planning to get them in obj-format, with some 3D-structure. I have thinked obj-format, because Blender reads it quite easily, and it is a clear format to write and understand. Currently I have some Tetris-game with the individual quarters, and I’m trying to find a nice looking “Rectangle packing algorithm”, in practise, that is to convert an existing C/C++ code to Python.

As a final goal is to get a totally new viewpoint to Blender Source Code, so that more people could find it interesting to involve in developing Blender.

Blender can read SVG too, you can import from inkscape if you want.

No, the maps are computer generated, they are not painted with Inkscape. (Only the dash-dotted reddish line is painted by hand). When the program gets a bit further, it may generate the heights of the buildings, and maybe some landdeformations too. The spiral algorithm for locating the houses along the “serpentine road” is used, because it makes it possible to construct a hill in the center. Then a 3D-file format like OBJ is needed instead of SVG, which has all in 2D. But what it now seems, that should not be a big problem here.