City Harbor

My background as architecture student give me advantage to visualizing this scene. I tried o combined many elements that I see in real life past weeks to re-create this building.

Hope you like it!


nice work !!!

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Looks really great. Nice composition and great atmosphere. Maybe correct the reflections of the skyline a little… Only the windows reflect such an amount, not the structure. The perspective of the skyline is also incorrect, as well as the height. Don’t mean to be negative, just feedback you might find helpful. Again, I really like the images. I can clearly see your architectural background… without the reflections i’d might almost say it’s a photo…

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By the way… where did you get those insane yachts??? Looks awesome

Thanks, that kind of comments I want. I feel bit weird about that reflection too but I can’t figured it out, but you point that out so thank you so much.

I export it from 3ds max

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I featured on BlenderNation, have a great weekend :slight_smile: