City in Blender 2.68

So,this is my best big project in terms of animation.I can say that I am kind of noob at Blender.I use it for like 6 months and i tried to gather as much as i know in one project.This is the result.I also used a Blender Guru Tutorial for this project.

Pls tell me what you think.Any feedback is welcome.

Total frames:390

Render time:1 frame=5 minutes/whole video=30 hours


Try to give a lot more variation in the buildings used

really nice. I really like the reflections in the windows of the building. i think they were a little over kill but very nice job overall!

I almost made an attempt on using this tutorial for my project. However, when I realized the repetition he was doing on the buildings, I backed off from the tutorial altogether. So I created my own method on creating a city from the ground up. It also includes sidewalks for people to potentially walk on and cars to drive on.

To sum it all up, nice video, but too much similarities like Richard pointed out.

great but duplicates are plenty

The Blendering is pretty good, spy93. Where you are a noob is in storytelling.

Start with a high in the air over the city ‘establishing shot’ hold the camera in place for a few seconds, maybe pan it a bit, then start flying into the city canyons, as if searching for something, until you end on the closer shots near street level with the cars and finally focus in on some building facade or entrance, dramatic music rises to a crescedo, fade to black.

Then, instead of people pointing out the similarities in the buildings, yada yada yada, you’ll have them going, “I can’t wait to see the next scene!!”

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