City In Shambles

The idea is a almost post nuclear war sort of city, here is the first render:

What should I work on more?

uh, everything? :slight_smile:

Im getting started on how to do fog in cycles now.

As a start I’d take your lighting and multiply it by about 5-10. Can’t really see anything at the moment.

That render is literally a black rectangle on my phones screen. I thought it was a video loading or something.

Really? I would suggest looking in the finished projects folder and compare your image to those in that forum. Don’t compare the artistry, I know I sure can’t as I am blown away by some of the artistic skills in this forum. But compare the technical side. The lighting, modeling, textures, things like that and not the image itself.

That is what you should work on more.

fog in cycles … that’s ambitious !!

Instead of using cycles couldn’t you just use the blender internal mist generator.
And for lighting you could select the environmental lighting option.