"City limits"

My last work:
Gate was rendered in yafray, nature in blender internal. Then postprocessed in Gimp.

texturing looks good and so is lighting - a bigger render would be nice.

the bump on the tile floor seems the wrong way around.
further I’d like to comment to stop posting fotos and say it’s a rendering.

Really, really nice work. The gate looks fantastic. Texturing is just perfect on the gate.

I agree with whatever about the bump on the ground tiles though. It does look incorrect.

The grass/nature stuff in the BG throws off the realism of the pice though. Really gives it the CG look with that. Did you try rendering it all in Yafray? Some DOF on the BG would help I think.


it is really nice, but the floor needs a displace i think. But I’m amazed how well you rendered the walls. Is it bump mapping ? It looks quite perfect !


one thing is the ground/gate edge being unrealistic

Beautiful image. Yep, a little more irregularity in the tiles would help, maybe some of them missing or broken too…

Great picture, very moody.



Great job. Reminds me of the “gate to elysiun” in the movie Gladiator.


It’s very good.
What I find weird though is that the path doesn’t mesh with the gate. I would expect a gate that size to be the witdh of a cart. If so, the pathway should be the same width as the gate itself (you know the dirt rails).
And if you tell me that’s because the gate is in the front, the pat in the background, then suggest it better, because it looks like there is step right at the edge of the gate. Again, this is a great work.

Is the back fiber of a picture???


Interesting image, even though the tiles are the wrong way.

Very nice, as always, but the tiles are strange:
The size of the tiles compared to the road (too big IMHO)
They look flat
The tiles do not match with the ground texture under the gate

Ale ogolnie ladnie.


Small update:

oke, this is real improvement! the ground looks alot more realistic, the edge between gate/ground is better.

so you could add some small stones/dirt on the ground. I see a strange blend between fore- and background (black line).

the more feedback, the better the image

Beautiful work, grzybu! A very “open ended” image that inspires the curiosity: “where does that road lead?” I would suggest a small, secondary center of interest, like a small potted plant/flower or a vine/tree growing from a crack in the pavement over to the lower right side, to offset the “framed” road (primary center of interest.) Also, something off in the distance, like dim mountains or an ocean horizon (you’d have to lower your current horizon, tho, for that…) to draw the imagination outward. “The great beyond!”

Also, I agree with Yeonil about the tiles. The second image is a big improvement, but the transition between tile types needs to be tweaked. (Or better yet, use the same stony texture that’s under the gateway for the rest of the foreground.) Perhaps there should be a “curb” of sorts along the edge of the wall (that’s flush with the ground tile) to serve as an intermediary between the two textures? I dunno… just some thots…

Good stuff!

Ver nice image and congratulations on an almost perfectly photorealistic foreground.

I like the suggestion of mzungu about a smal topic of interest in the foreground. But in my opinion it would hav to be a vase or plant or something it could also be a small pudle of water or some reflection on the tiles in the street.

But again very nice textures in the fore ground.

awesome texturing/lighting. i have one crit: the normals map on the foremost paving stones looks like it’s facing the wrong way.

Gate is excellent.

Scene behind is good but do not fit well since quality does not match

THe tiles in foreground are the worse part. Too flat anyway, too uniform, no dirt… the tiles within the gate are good!


Another version:
Trees are made in Arbaro then imported to Blender.

Well, what else to say… :wink: It’s on the edge between photorealistic and artistic look. I like it very much.

These wires are modelled, right? They’re not a Nor texture, are they?

There are just part of texture based on photo I took :slight_smile: