City Of Death (Intense Car Game)

deleted this because I sounded very obnoxious
As far as I know, there are no longer any download link to this game (not that you’d want to play it)
and I don’t have it on my computer. This game is nothing more than a memory, and I say good riddance!

Edit 24/04/2015:
-Can’t help but laugh over this thread, what a way to make my entrance into the community…

Thanks to those who were nice to my past self!
Not too proud of this thread, or game for that matter.

haha! i looked at the title then at the pics lmbo!

If it’s a boring car game, then maybe you should have just titled it that.

I was about to say to Therealnoz “don’t hate”. . .

But then I saw the video. . . And lack of textures. :\

Add to it!


ps. it is best to wait until you have something worth posting

Come on guys, dont be harsh :wink:

RandomPickle97 you should have maybe posted this is the WIP section, and use it as a base for the game. Then build upon it, maybe adding proper vehicle physics, with wheels, textures, maybe some more dynamic and styled environments etc…

But this shows some skill in blender, so well done for that.

What Klauser said, come on guys, it’s his 4th post. @RandomPickle, nice start but as Klauser said, maybe you could use this as a base? :slight_smile:

Yes, usually we have a more friendly community, RandomPickle. Sorry.

To those who have posted, if you don’t like a project, simply state why you don’t like it, or where it could be improved. There’s no reason to insult the work itself. If you think that you have ideas of how the project could be improved, I’m sure that Random would like to hear them.

As Ross and Klauser have (more constructively) said, textures and materials and real vehicle physics (or rigid body physics) would help make the game shine. It doesn’t look too bad as a start, though. Try a recording software like Bandicam - see if you can get better frame-rates. It’s a bit tough to see how the game flows with that level of FPS. However, it’s a good start, to be sure.

For people who are hating: This was my first game with blender, I did not know how to texture, I have learnt, though. In my newer games, I will be sure to include them!

Ps: Thanks klauser, Ross and SolarLune for your positive comments.

I actually did make the car a rigid body, check for yourself! I am clueless of why it did not act as one though…

Hello and welcome on board RandomPickle!

I think the car-to-terrain scale ratio should be changed. What I mean is that the roads should be longer so you can (in a future version) actually speed up a little. This would give a “big city environment” feeling.

Realistic car controls would make it much better already. I don’t remember what type of motion actuator you’ve used but you could use something like force or linear velocity, and add a brake to stop the car/motion actuator.

Good luck.

I wasn’t hating. He said that the alternative to titling the game “City of Death” was calling it “boring car game”. My point was that if you know that it’s boring, why are you posting it?

Cause I wasn’t just gonna leave on my desktop, I put some amount of effort, figured it shouldn’t go to waste.

Wait. . . add gunzz and other cars that attack you! That would be pretty cool.

Pixel and retro styled games are amongst the most popular and most played games ever. :slight_smile:
Thanks for sharing this project!

I love how the choppy framerate almost fits the beat of the song. That was pretty awesome.
Aside from that, I would recommend using the vehicle wrapper for better realism.

WAIT!!! YOU CAN HEAR THE SONG? I thought it wasn’t packed in the blend file!!!
OT: I will look into vehicle wrapping, never heard of it… sounds hard.

ok i was not hating either all i was implying was to not post your first game because of the harsh comments you will get. that is the exact reason i did not post my first game.

Sorry, I meant on the video. No sound in-game unfortunately :~

There’s a tutorial for the vehicle wrapper here:
It’s for 2.49, but there’s also a finished 2.6 file you can use for reference.

Oh… I did add music to the game though, but when I packed it into a ZIP folder it dissapeared.