city of the future! ( more thingies added )

much work yet to be done, but here’s where I’m at with it currently. crits? suggestios?

we all know you know that you can render bigger!

but looks good.

hehe, sorry about that :expressionless: :slight_smile:

i like it man
their is a building in the back right that looks like Jack’s house from the movie “nightmare before christmas”, haha
i can dig it man!

thanks wu. here’s a bigger render with some additional objects
<edit> must remember to give the thing on top of the squatty thing in the foreground another subsurface level :expressionless:

I like your style, you have some good concepts for the buildings. What are the 3 rectangular raised parts supposed to be? (such as the one button left corner).

lookin good so far :slight_smile: i think you should combine some buildings with bridges etc. , and not make them all seperate.

thanks guys, i’m not sure what the things are but i think i’ll make some more of them. also i will be adding some sort of track or tube system through it to unify it a bit.

added more thingies.

You like the Discombombulator, don’t you :wink:
Anyway, I like the actually modelled buildings a lot. They have a very nice futuristic feeling. However, I’d not add too much of these greebled cubes, as you did in the background, they’re also too “boxy” for the round and smooth buildings you have modelled. It is surely a lot of work, but if you’re going for great looks then you’d have to model more of your buildings - and use the discomb. script only for very few objects (or to add even more details to your buildings).

Well, with some more work on the modelling this will be a great city, no doubt! Keep it up!

Nice work. A very “classic” image of a futuristic city. The kind that should have hundreds of cars flying around. Maybe you should fill the enitre floor with those greebles, make them a bit taller, and leave paths for streets.

Looking good. I like the buildings in the foreground that were modelled by hand. I think one of the things that makes the greeble look offset is that the area with the hand-modelled buildings is very clean and has a lot of open space where the area that you used discombobulator is very crowded.

One thing you could try doing, especially for the background area, is setting up a plane and subdividing it a few times. Then set the protrusions to have 0 taper (max and min) and the protrusion height from 0 to some height (maybe 0.2). The doodads should have heights varying from 0 to maybe around 2x the height of the protrusions. This gives a nice spaced out cluster of “buildings” that looks like this:
Thanks to imageshack

you can adjust the density of buildings either by changing the size of the original faces or by making fewer or more doodads per face.

Good luck. Have you ever tried subsurfing a discombobulated mesh? it looks pretty interesting.

getting great… btw are you going to change the flat surfaces ?

thanks for the replies guys,…today i will start adding a few spaceship type things, some sort of rail or tube system, and some more details, and if i have time, i’m going to model a couple of more buildings.