City of the Future! ( updated at top with animation )
<edit> couldn’t resist doing an animation of it. divX about 650kbs

I see the Discombobulator came in handy :wink:

Great Pic! :stuck_out_tongue:

All it needs is some Textures Great Job[!]


Really like that script, been throwing nurnies all over my old models just to see what they look like. That and creating quick and ugly deathstars, and borg cubes, and…

Looks unique and attractive, good job. I cant wait to see textures on it! :wink:

thanks guys. it was a weekend challenge, so no time for textures. i may get back to it later though.

animation update. i think i’ll make some more buildings and texture them a bit as well, so maybe i’ll update this again.

That is a great vid, but I really think the monorail needs some windows.

Haha, that’s awesome! Man, I sure wanna ride in that thing that goes in circles very quickly. That’d rock.

It keeps going in circles and there’s no way to get off!!! Help!!! :slight_smile:

Looks good, I agree with everyone else that I look forward to seeing it textured.

thanks guys, sorry if i gave anyone dizziness! hopefully the next version will be more expansive. and textured.