city of the future

i this is going to be my major project for the summer.
it is a city based in the future where some areas are futuristic but other areas have not developed and are poor. the render did not complete but here is what i got


i assume this will be an entire city? good luck!

also, i like the details on some of the buildings especally the one enar the botom with the ladders. keep it up, looking forward to it!

Nice start. Hope you have the patience to keep this going XD Just one thing though, my opinion, in the future , wouldn’t the landscape be a lot more flat due to erosion?

cool concept, i like it. looks great so far! :slight_smile: some different possibly brighter lighting might be nicer, at least until you figure out what time of day and such your gonna have it be

wouldn’t the landscape be alot more flat due to erosion?

it could be built in a huge crater

cough fallout 3 cough