City Project

Hello world!

I came across a very old .blend from 5 years ago with a few of the first buildings I ever modeled. Decided to revive the project, started messing around with it last night and it still has a long way to come. But I plan on sticking with it. I intend to model a few more props and essential objects like cars etc. And once the scene comes together a bit more I’ll move on to texturing. I figure it’s going to be hell to texture but I plan on working on it as i go along.

Hope you enjoy.


Started texturing and added a background sky although it kind of got bleached with the compositing. I plan on adding some windows, maybe trees around the buildings, moving cars and lobbies/ground levels for the buildings. I don’t know how I’ll go about doing the cars, never modeled one. Might download some models from blendswap and credit the author. What do you think?

Hope you enjoy!


For some reason the scale looks off to me. It might be the benches or maybe even the height of the street lights, I’m not sure. Other than that it looks like you’re off to a great start.

I agree. I think that the scale is off. I would scale down the benches.

Valid point guys! Thanks for the input, I scaled the benches and the street lights down. I’ll be playing around a bit more with the scene and move onto the cars and other aspects of the project soon.

PS: the scene may seem a bit blurrier because I rendered in smaller resolution. That’s probably the glare node but you guys get the idea