City Puzzle

Here after a couple weeks of tweaking and hours or rendering (2hours and 38mins):eek:
My Final render.
specs: 2 sun lams soft size 5 samples 20 (Constant QMC)
Ambient Occlusion .28 multiply
Environment Lighting 2.06 sky color
Gather Ray trace 20 samples (Constant QMC)

i like it!

interesting variety of shapes - really nice dull, metallic textures - nice outlines on the reflections on the “water”

what is behind this project?

This was a project to improve my modelling technique. But I liked it so much I thought I would make it look real nice and put in in a demo reel I am currently working on…
it is a replication of this

ok, great - make sure you post the demo reel if you can…

apart from the modeling, i like your lighting/texturing/rendering set up - the metallic look is just right

the shadows between the buildings also, just right. and two suns - cool!

and the rounded edges/corners of all the buildings is a nice effect - they look like jell-o molds

only one criticism - the “base” that the city is sitting on is very dark/black - maybe not in keeping with the subtle tones of the rest …

well mabye the base is really dark but it’s nice to have a harsher element to give the eye a direction to go
but thanks for the comments. I will certianly post my demo reel when its finished (which could be a while:P)

I like it.