City Road Builder Volume 0.5, UPDATE: ITS FREE!

City Road Builder Volume 1 - Work In Progress
developed by Brian Cordell Hynds

UPDATE: The files are now being released for free. Please read for further detail.

This project includes a huge amount of designed “building blocks” models for the simplest user to be able to design and build an entire city road system. Mainly aimed towards game designers, this pack includes hundreds of models and handmade textures for use in city style racing games, but can be used for just about anything you need it for. You can easily design and build complete road systems, including traffic lights, signs, bridges, overpasses, tunnels, and much more. The pack includes the following:

1.) All included textures and multiple texture variations.
2.) All source .psd files used to create the texture images.
3.) A scene designed using most of the textures.
4.) A manual describing various uses for the building block setups.

Estimated time of release is about a month or so, mainly because of all that’s being put into it. The cost of the pack is estimated about $15-$20 (which includes a CD copy as well as downloadable). Considering the time and amount of content that’ll be included in the final pack, the price sounds real reasonable.

Here’s a screenshot of what I got so far:

Some models and textures include:

  • roads with multiple traffic patterns
  • fire hydrants
  • street lamps
  • signs (traffic control, street, etc.)
  • overpasses
  • bridges
  • rail road crossings
  • construction area’s
  • and more.

Requests are greatly welcome, as well as constructive criticism. I will also try to answer any questions you may have about it as well.

I cant really see those traffic lights, but here is mine;

For a small share I can easily produce more high detailed meshes to be textured.

Cool this looks pretty smart, real nice textures and looks and sounds pretty fun good luck :smiley:

Good idea! you should make dirty and clean maps for most models. Maybe 3 levels of detail… good luck!

I’m doing all of this on my own, but thanks for the offer. As far as detail goes, keep in mind that these are game models and aimed toward low poly production. The level of detail is in the textures retaining a low poly count.

Cool. You should add the new 2.42 Bullet Vehicle, so you can drive around the city.

Hi Brian,

Great idea! Just a couple thoughts/suggesions:

  1. From the screenie above, my main feedback is that your textures look like they need to be “dirtied” up.

  2. Be sure to make other formats available (especially the “main” ones like .OBJ, etc.). Lots of game developers using other engines that need models and textures.

  3. I like your price. If the textures are dirty and realistic, it’ll be a bargain!

you should make it so it includes Buildings, People, Cars, etc. LIke a Complete City Builder. But Still What you’ve done is awesome. I think You Should make it free but an upgrade will cost. but thats only my opinion

Here’s an updated screenshot:

The lamps aren’t textured yet because I’m going to model much nicer looking ones. I’m just busy working on the street model pieces at the moment.

The files are now being released for free. Please read for further detail.

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nice work :slight_smile:
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nice kit BTW :slight_smile:

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