City scene

I just started a city scene that I plan to integrate with live footage. Any pointers? Also any suggestions to make the scene better. Im already planning on adding trees and (blend swap) cars. I plan on using a .hdr (still searching) and after im done Im going to releaseit for free(done for a open tv show). Thanks for the feedback (if yougive it :slight_smile: ).


Great so far, I’m no professional, so I got no pointers. :slight_smile:

Very nice, but…

Very monochromatic. Maybe add a little bit of other colors, and/or vary the shades of blue-violet on the buildings.

Make the buildings a little brighter and/or more contrasting.

Yeh so I made a new version since the other one didnt feel right (or I could find any references that would do it justice. What do you think. Is it better? Btw if anyone is good at making people please contact me lol. I need some people to walk the streets in my short.

this looks cool however (suggestion) i would use a texture for the road to give that bit more realism

Ok I will do :slight_smile: Thanks for the advise

I always want to do a scene like this,
and this is looking good so far…

oh, take a look at this pic, puddles will boost the realism of your scene :slight_smile: