City Script (English Version)

I went ahead and converted the comments inside each of the cityscript scripts from Geman to English.

They are in the attached BLEND file.

Original source can be found here:

Also linking back to the Python Forum where this thread started:

It is too bad the forum administrators do not allow attachments of BLEND or images in the Python forum. Cross posting like this (just to attach a file) could be avoided.


cityscript_v02_english.blend (463 KB)

I have been playing around with the Blendopolis City Script a bit. One thing I noticed is that the final output is linked directly to the original source mesh data. This means you can use RVK to animate an entire grid of objects by applying relative vertex keys to the source meshes on layer #2.

I am uploading a new BLEND file where I have replaced the original city objects with alternates.

The blend file contains both scripts. One script generates the grid of objects and the other script generates a name for the objects on layer #2. This name is complex set of parameters that tells the grid generator what role the object plays in the grid.

Kind of interesting, but all you really have to do is open the BLEND file and click “Build”.


ras_cityscript_v02_english_2d.blend (475 KB)