City Upon A Beet

newest wip, after a few hours of work. The idea should be fairly obvious, but currently needs the buildings to be different(in architecture, not just color and size like now).

Comments & Crits wanted :smiley:

the buildings need better foundations, and brighten up the beet, the subject is cartoony, so make it look less dark.

i love it, very abstract, i would consider it done, what are you going for?

The beet texture and material are very good. Maybe a bit more reddishness is in order though.

The building textures aren’t very good though, maybe too rough?

Keep it coming though!

you mean they need foundations? :wink: Will do that. The lighting will probably stay similar as I’m going for the dark sorta twisted abstract lighting (idk how to describe it really)

SkeLeToR: thanks, quite a compliment with the abstract stuff you’ve been turning out :smiley: Its not done (the city is going to be 200% better at least), its just a personal/fun blender project

Dittohead: The building textures will be improved :slight_smile: