Here are one of my projects. I am pretty noob. So be kind.[/img]

lol its quite nice for a noob… maybe try to texture the trees better, not make em shiny =). Also the train track bridge maybe needs some textures too?

Otherwise I like the cartoony look!

looks pretty cool, like everything is plastic… reminds me a lot of those cg kids shows on tv.

I’d light it brighter, and it should have a nice lego/duplo feel to it.

looks like something I would find in a game. . .

I wanna make it as realistic as possible so I rather don’t wanna have the trees shiny either. Does anyone know how to remove the shinyness? I have done some more texturing and added some more objects.
And does anyone knows any good texture site I can’t find any good leaf texture?

To turn down the shininess turn down the Specularity for the object’s material. As for a leaf texture, you could layer a couple of different procedural textures maybe a cloud texture and a musgrave, and have them set to different shades of green.(Might not be the best way, but I just love using procedurals :wink: ) Good work so far, especially since it’s one of your first projects.:smiley: