City's Kitchen


I’m actually work on a kitchen scene. I want to bring life in my picture and i need your opinion!:smiley:

What do you think to my picture?

See you!


I think your kitchen is a bit too tidy. Try adding some interest by adding more vegetables to the side, or some circles of cut tomato. You need to be telling a story by your image. Technically it is an excellent image. Now comes the fun part, where you imagine you are in the kitchen and how it looks like and how it feels. You can find some kitchen photography, maybe from a restaurant kitchen, to see how to process looks like. Make your image as if something is happening, even if it is happening off camera. You may add a person to the reflection in the wall tiles, as if the owner is in another part of the kitchen. Add other ingredients in the image, as if they are prepared to be mixed. Add a bottle of wine and glasses, as if they will be the addition to dinner. Something like this.

that is amazing! very realistic, You should texture bake the whole scene for real-time walk through!

Hi, here some things I noticed that might help:

camera is too straight
the Siemens material needs some work
Also the crack in the wood is too big. They would never use this piece in a kitchen.
The pot looks new and modern. So they are usually smooth and don’t have so much bump like cast iron.
For the rest very impessive, almost perfect!


Thank you for yours comments!:smiley:

I follow yours critics and now I have this image :

Give me your opinion!:yes:

See you!


Amazing :slight_smile: Your kitchen is looking very good (it already did in the first pic but now even more).

One question, what’s in the pan on the left ? It looks empty and maybe you could add some food remains on the ustensil to show it has been used.

I think you’re using a bump or displacement map on the wine bottle’s golden parts, it seems too exagerated to me.

You strands of spaghettis are straight, but after a few seconds in the hot water they become softer and begin to collapse, maybe you could do that ?

Keep up you’re doing some good work :slight_smile:


Thank you for your comment asmoth!:slight_smile: I follow your suggestions and I do a little more.

Now I’m maybe finished with this project. What do you think?

See you!


Yeah the pan is far better like that :slight_smile:
I see you changed the size of the bottle, are you sure about the dimensions ? It seems maybe too small now, but I’m not sure, you should check some real sizes (if you didn’t ^^)

About the spaghettis, I think they could be better :stuck_out_tongue: The part out of the water should not bend, only the part in the water, you see what I mean ? like in this picture :

I’m just nitpicking but I don’t see anything else to critique so… :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a perfect render:)

Loving this. The only thing for me is the tomato texture it’s too shiny and uniform. But I disagree with asmoth about the size of the bottle it looks fine to me considering wine bottles come in all shapes and sizes (wine glasses do too).

Fantastic work! It was already very good in your first image but significant improvements in the realism each step along the way. Nicely done!