Cityscape WEAPONS-PLAYER template

So here is the basic PLAYER, WEAPONS, and CIVILIAN set-up for an abandoned mammoth project I had going a few months ago. The current progress of the game is not scraps, a fair amount of work went into making the whole set-up as quality as possible.

Currently, the ammo count is not displayed, there is no player health bar, and no pause menu. But without these I suppose it would be more beneficial for customization. There are about 7 weapons, I don’t remember… and there is also an incomplete car model.

NOTE: It is a 2.45 blend, but of course it would be easily alterable to run with 2.49 smoothly. :slight_smile:
Download the current set-up.

*run - P
*aim - mouse
*fire - LMB
*change weapon - L / R bracket
*sniper scope - R shift

I hope it is of use to someone for something.

Enjoy [email protected]!

the mouse is inverted

Oh yes! I forgot to mention that it is a 2.45 build. But I’m sure, due to the way I developed it, it could be easily altered to run with 2.49 within no time! Sorry :slight_smile:

This is awesome!

Please would you like to reupload this, thanks.

Please reupload, i need it !!

Jeepers, thread necrosis!
This user hasn’t been on for ages, and with the recent changes to blender, this blend won’t work either.

There are some other FPS templates drifting around though.