Based heavily on a reference photo Googled from the net:

Please don’t mind the terrible water in the pools for now. And the glass what-you-callit-in-english on the bottom of the rightmost building. Or the thingy where the ‘winged pool’ sits on.

I probably will turn the camera to point a bit more down at some point. And I’m planning to put plenty of foliage to cover the ‘seams’ between the buildings or building to ground.

Also a few more buildings will come and them some details ofcourse.


My only crit would be the courseness of the ground. It looks as if it is being viewed from a distance that is relatively closer than than the buildings would indicate.

Other than that, very nice work!

Yeah, I do have some problems with the perspective and the ground is definately one of those points. I’ll see what I can do about it.

Some of the buildings appear to be small, because of the pumbs,
pumbs are too large. Sky environment, would like to see it with one.

Hi RJii,

nice so far.

Yeah, ground texture is too big for such a long distance.

Also, try to play with your camera settings. Smaller distance between camera and object, and higher lens value, gives more depth and feeling of bigger buildings.


did you use YaFray? :-? if so try noyt to use bumpmaps as they can be very tricky good picture though :smiley:

Which ones seem too small? Environment is on the way ofcourse.

That was a good hint! I allways use the default camera settings (lens=35 if I remember correctly) so I didn’t even think to change those.

Yes, that was Yafray’d. Where do you think the bumpmaps look bad?

Which ones seem too small?

Two closest ones from the point of camera.

The leftmost building I agree on. The thing that sticks out looks really awful. But I thought the “Pacific Regency” looked ok. I’ll try to add some more things to convey the size of everything.