Started with a discombobulated plane (Just love that word - use it as a chat up line "Hey. Wanna come back to my place and see my discombobulations!)

The real purpose of this is to try and produce realistic clouds in the sky using just procedural textures. (We get the most amazing sunsets all year 'round here in Adelaide!)

Going to try multi layering the texture and adding some detail to the buildings in the next couple of weeks, but this one’s going to be slow as I’m pretty busy right now!


This looks pretty good so far, but the clouds in the distance look more like smog because it seems as though the fall between the buildings and do not go over head.

Cant wait to see this one finished!

The city is looking completley awesome. I have to agree with stella about the clouds tho.

That would be the depth blur! I guess if the clouds are sharp, the closer buildings should not be blured!