CityScript Wizard & other City builders.

just a little report on what our friends on blendpolis are up to.

very intersting

It appears to be in german…

There seems to be a sudden outbreak of interest in city building lately…

Nice attempt, but that script has a problem with scale.

A single family house takes up the same amount of space as a skyscraper. Sure the syscraper is taller, but the basic footprints are all the same.

Great Stuff!

I converted the German comments to English via Babelfish and posted the BLEND file in modeling.

here’s an old implementation.
more similar in nature to the max plugin.
this script is older, but still shows a great implementation of ideas.
scroll down to Citytiler & Gothic_demo
ha this time it’s in French!

Interesting, though it needs a lot of work for building variety.

Can someone lend me their universal translator…I lost mine…again.

I just used babelfish, german to english.