Civilian Monolith Encounter [BWC]

Thanks for the comments on my w.i.p thread, plenty of good tips!

And here is my final submission of the “Civilian Monolith Encounter”!

This entry takes place in the near future where our global transportation system will have advanced quite significantly. But instead of finding the monolith on the moon in Arthur C. Clarks and Stanley Kubrick’s “2001 Space Odyssey”, this piece shows that we actually will have came across the monolith on earth.


Good luck everyone!


Amazing work there. Very well done atmosphere and everything really. Good luck on the BWC.

Awesome. Simply awesome.
What did you render it with?

Superb. 5 stars.

Like Crititrozoz said, the athmosphere is amazing.
And those “road-structures” (sorry I don’t know the exact term), they’re simply beatiful.

Fantastic job, great idea and execution but I can’t help feeling that if you put it through an external unbiased renderer like indigo you would have achieved an even greater result.
Only crit is that it seems a bit too grainy to me, even so it’s my favourite of the competition so far, great job and good luck.

ooh, this’ll be a tough competition :evilgrin:

“I’m sorry, I can’t do that Dave” -Hal

You tell a great story with this picture. I really am speechless.


The details are so subtle and very very effective. Plus the very calm lighting and proper set-up and a fantastic camera angle. All in all a great piece. ^^ Congratulations. ^^

I agree with everything said here. Stunning piece of work. On a minor thing, the little we can see of the truck drivers face looks like, well, less on the par with the rest of the scene, but that’s just minor thing, as the face really isn’t a center point here.

This is really a beautiful image. I agree with the crit about the truck driver’s face.

The road in the center of the image, furthest in the background, that runs almost vertical in the image… that roadway is messing with my head for some reason, and I can’t stop staring at it. I dunno why. It just hard to not look at it, you know?

Your version of the monolith is awesome. I haven’t seen 2001 in ages, but I can’t recall seeing it depicted that way, and it looks so awesome like that. Like a door in space.

Makes me feel kind of orangey. I like the symbolism of the monolith, although I don’t understand it. Could it be our perspective on the universe?

Five stars.

Almost perfect, well done.

i agree, real great work! lovely lines and colours. cool!

Wooo I Want That Truck

it look like a airbrush illustration.
I love it.

Great! I don’t think the monolith’s proportions are right, though. Isn’t it taller than that?

Judging by the setting, it looks like the humans have found one like this before…

Excellent design!

your style is an example in cleanliness and clearness, beautiful mood and excellent image but… are you sure the truck can pass through that point??

All the best for the competition!


Love the image :slight_smile: