Civilian Monolith Encounter [BWC]

Jaw dropped

Best for the competition! Nothing to say

@Eterixel: You have to see how it has the roof of the cabin LOL :wink:

PERFECT, its also my favorite for the contest!


Can’t believe this image wasn’t ranked third even ! Geezzzz…:rolleyes: I feel like a complete alien… do my eyes see different ?

I’m with you, Malefico. I thought that this one would be one of the three prizes… :frowning: My eyes are different too. :wink:

Moved to the gallery.



AWESOME! That tractor trailer truck ROCKS!

A fantastic image, I really cannot fault it.

Two thumbs up! :smiley:

I absolutely found myself “ROTFLMAO,” and this in the best possible way, because this really is a completely original idea.

I mean, “let’s face it… when Arthur C. Clarke did that (and Douglas Trumbull dutifully filmed it…) ‘in a field full of apes,’ that was a great big boring cop-out.” :slight_smile:

Indeed, wouldn’t it have been a whole lot more interesting, and more fun, if that monolith had appeared for the first time at 5:05 PM on the Golden Gate Bridge?

blown away it has a very Syd Mead feel to it. great stuff .

If your looking for the style of the render itself if would place…but the judges were looking for a story…and this does not convey a story like the others did.

Does this have any texture involved or is it all blender materials?

It is amazing, and, btw, it does have a story


Thats Amazing!..incredible…but mgiht i ask wat is a Monolith…i asked everyone in my family and they dont know what the “point” of this pic is…like they dont know wat the cube thing is

The monolith was from 2001 a space odyssey, from what I recall it was basically an all powerful object. Best to look it up though, I forget everything from that. Wikipedia will have a tonne of stuff on it, as it is something geeky ;).

edit: here you go, I was kind of right I guess

I like that it’s just an 18wheeler driver. Very cool.

Thats beautiful!..but i dont understand wat a monolith is and what it has to do with a truck driver meeting a squre in the middle of the road…maybe u can send me a link or just explain it here???..absolutly gorgeous :smiley:

Details I love the most: I love the epic sense of scale. The bridges in the background fading mutely into the sky, the distant flock of birds. I also love attention paid to little details, like the grit in the asphalt or even the reflection in the ceiling of that illuminated roadsign further up the highway. The only detail that jars me is the big, seemingly incongruous galaxy textured onto the Monolith. It just seems weird and unbalanced to me. Otherwise I can’t see anything to criticize. Great piece!

Great job!

WTF this is NICE! Great image man!!!

Amazing image :smiley: and Im a sucker for the topic :smiley: I think the gallaxies in the monolith are a bit missleading, I showed to someone who hasnt watched 2001 ASO and he asked something like “is that a jumphole to space?” and I was like Go rent the movie! but yeah its a bit missleading :slight_smile:

Nice design and atmosphere in the background!