Civilization 4 Trailer?

Has anyone seen the Civilization 4 trailer?

I was just wondering if Blender was capable of doing all that…maybe even without post-processing.

You know, with the flying words and such.

I know a lot is game footage…but still…one could all that and then make a fly through right?

Flying text and such is fairly simple once you learn Blender. I don’t know much about Civilization 4 , but from what I’ve seen Blender can do anything in that game. Google ''Elephants Dream" to see what it can really do (free downloadable short movie. Awesome!)

Yeah…I’ve seen Elephant’s Dream.

I certainly believe in the power of Blender :slight_smile:

modding Civ IV ain’t very easy with Blender (about impossible at the moment), but the opening scenes, very easy for blender.

BTW, it is definitely a fun game, if you like the series.

Heh… I think me and you, NeOmega, are the only ones on this forum who actually play Civ!

Actually I think that fly-thru is quite amazing, and would take months (like Orange did) if you had a small team. Especially that crowd scene at the end. That people are all walking and making different movements… it would take a while.

Have any of you played Rome Total War? I just started getting into that, and I’m going to try to mod it with Blender soon, I think.

I disagree, the models to me seem lacking detail.

You’re probably right… I just really like that movie. I’m sure that it I looked as closely as you probably have, I’d see its flaws as well.