Civx Go Out of blender artsit !!!!

Hello Guys
I have To go out of BA Because i have Big work on USA so i never enter To this Use again
so pleases delete This user .
Thank you guys about your comment and all That years is so happy for me with you guys
So i will visit This thread To know You best and last comment for me In USA
Thank you
And you guys ho tell me to learn angles i will do batter so i wil get you !! :slight_smile:
See you guys in other year or in the real man face to face :stuck_out_tongue:

By BA and By all my friend list :slight_smile:

See Ya

I voted no!

Oh god yes.

You can work to better your status as a member here at any time if you must know.

This is your choice, I’m not going to force it on you, but don’t give up on Blender itself.

What you make of this?!

my Bye bye gift…

I really don`t mean it, but YOU KNOW ME!
( if the image is off the line, I will take it off.),

And you even stole the “bye bye” picture from a blog (it took me about 15 seconds to find it).

As Good Bye Cruel World posts go, this one is pretty lame. Better luck next time. Don’t let the door hit… well… you know the rest.

Farewell from Blender Artists. :smiley:

Didn’t vote, but…
This forum is about using blender to make art.
If you don’t want to do that (and I have yet to see you produce ANY art) maybe you should find another forum.

What a strange coincidence that you would get “Big Work on USA” on the very day you do something fatally embarrassing…

so i wil get you !!

Nice job trying to make us feel sorry for you. All your good English was plagiarized and your work was crappy, stolen, or sometimes both. May the ModGods dismember your avatar and post it as a warning to others.

Weren’t you one of the people encouraging him? Not to say I don’t agree with you, of course. I didn’t vote.

Alden- By “encouraging” him I assume you mean being nice, not “egging him on”. At first he seemed friendly, but then I changed my mind.

Can he ever be origional then? By the sound of it he manufactured himself through stolen images and plaigerism.

I advise you should learn to be origional, even if you have to get a beginners book to do it.

Who cares if he took the pic from a blog? He never said it was his.

Quoted for agreement.

Lmao, check this one out:
A thread of Civx
Stolen from:

Gotta love google ><

Edit: hehe:
Another thread:
stolen from:

Wtf! Seriously, who does that. Whats the point? Its completely stupid…

Heres another thread, which he did get busted for:
Stolen from

And another one…
Stolen from

My goodness… Why waste everyone’s time like that.

Lol, if the English is good, he stole it.

pathetic !

Exactly, thats what set me off with the Simpsons thread, looked like it was written by a pro reviewer… because, wait for it… IT WAS