Civx Passing by To say hi !

Hi To all friends in blender artist,

yesterday i was sitting and thinking of what we all did in 2008 in this lovely forum, i was so damn famous they called me Civx Bot !, because my english was suck and i stole some of NASA Pictures and i add some effects and i said LOOK AT MY ART, hehe :smiley:

anyway guys i am very happy for the admins not Ban me from the forum even after what happen in those days :), i also notice they are only a few people left from the old Community.

See ya !

wow that seems good and nice. I would also thank Admin that he havenโ€™t ban you. Because in some sucking forums I have been banned just for one mistake and than I left those sucking forums.

Nice and good BA forum. Keep up the good work.

You made me recall one of our class mate who used to do the same thing. He download some photos from the web and told our teacher that he made it on the software. And after some time someone saw those photos on the web and told to our teacher , after than you can know what happen to that boy. :smiley: He was our senior so we just use to listen those stories , it was 2009 year :slight_smile:

why you put those cat photo, I was thinking that something is there in your topic about that cat . :stuck_out_tongue: