CJ#2 - December 2005 - JAN. 20 VIDEO TUTE CORRECTED AGAIN!!

The second installment of the Blender Community Journal is now available.

Jan. 20 - Final video version is now available. Xvid encoded and ausio is now synched.



Great job again this month. The walk through of the Piano Room was very well done.

The face modeling tutorial looks great , but im getting sound that is out of sync to the video, the video being 50 mins long the sound finishes after 43 mins this is on winxp using quicktime player 7.0.3 , anyone else have this same issue.

Ecks mentioned that he had the same problem, not sure what he did to fix it. Are you by chance skipping through some of it? If so that could very well be the problem.

No this was viewing it through normally from the start. It was ok to start with then i started getting confused as to what was going on where it was going out of sync ,so restarted it etc then fowarded it to end and found sound finished earlier then the movie,also sound is real quiet compared to normal i have to pump volume right up.

I’m not sure what’s going on with the out of sync sound, but as for the volume it’s due to the fact that the only microphone I had availible at the time was the one built into my dad’s laptop, so the sounds not the greatest.

I’ll have a go at reencoding.

Thanks mrmunkily!


Just wanted to say as a new user to blender I really like this, I’ve read posts talking about how people missed it and I can see why. It’s not only nice for us but good PR too.

Cheers and hope to see more.

Excellent work BgDM and all those involved!
And thanks to mr_bomb for the great tutorial :slight_smile:


mr_bomb is truly cursed.

Two outstanding videos. Neither are watchable. Newbies everywhere are missing out, bigtime… :frowning:

Please get these corrected and online, the blender community really needs vids like this, for two reasons. One is to show newbs how it’s meant to be done, and the other is to teach users of different apps about workflow in blender.

Great CJ btw…little short, but great :smiley:

It certainly seems so :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll see if I can get it converted to a different file type and then sync it through VirtualDub.


I have to say the face model tutorial looks fantastic, but i seem to be experiencing the same issues with sound sync as others.

If anybody has this with fixed sound, I would be eternally greatfull :slight_smile:

I have tried but not had any luck fixing it myself.

Again thanks mr_bomb, I think your tutorial will really benefit many people. That was quick modeling, would have taken me days!!!


Thanks man. I’m exporting a synced version right now, not sure how good the quality will be, but regardless I’ll upload it. Unfortuanately the file looks as if it’ll still be quite large; estimated to be 640 megs right now.

:o :o
you joking… 640mb !
I was thinking hard about 266mb
you can’t make this smaller somehow or split into parts?
that good part of my monthly allowance in itself…

That’s uncompressed, I can zip it down to probably about 256 megs. I know that I should be able to get it smaller, but I’ve never done much with video, so I don’t know the best way to go about compressing it down and keeping the quality at a decent level.
I might very well be able to split it into parts though.

ok not so bad :slight_smile:
you had me going there
260mb or 3x215 is big for me but manageable
I am looking forward to seeing it -sounds good from early reviews
Thank you for doing this for the community (and also now redo :-? )

Of course. Anything that I can do that’ll help out others in the community I’m glad to do so.
I hope to do more video tutorials in the future, although hopefully I can avoid these problems :stuck_out_tongue:

Re video compression: Aren’t there subcultures on the Net specializing just in compressing video? For instance the people who do the trailers on this site. I remember this issue coming up before (with the conference art festival video I think) … so it would be worthwhile to have some video compression gurus who we could turn to when needed. I’d think that video tutorials would be easier to compress well than most video, given that you’re always looking at the software whose interface which is relatively standard.

Any News on the recode??

Sorry to be impatient!, cant wait to get stuck in with the face modeling :smiley: