CJ #5, Come and get it!

(Goofster) #1

ARGH! there ya go ya hungry wolves! :smiley:


(sten) #2


this is nice, finally a new CJ again =)

and thanks for my bloodcell image finally made it,
last time I entered a CJ was in the old days, in June 2001, at NaN site with my golden rings =D


(theeth) #3


good job to everyone that participate in the CJ, it ranks high up in the CJ heaven (along with the one that had to be splitted in two since it was too long :wink: )

don’t take this personnally, but:

outward indignation #1:
How come you didn’t mention the Montreal meeting alongside the Amsterdam one? You could have asked me and I would have given you a couple of pics. :expressionless:

outward indignation #2:
You mentioned the Living Mech contest with Stefano’s pic, but you didn’t mention the results of the contest ( http://www.elysiun.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6496 )

image problem #1:
In the boolean tutorial, the Difference pic is next to the Union description and vice versa.

I loved the IRC quotes though, and interviews are always nice to read.

kudos! :Z


(Goofster) #4

Wheeeeee! Finally some critisism!

Montreal meeting:
You’re absolutely right!. I had such a hard time remembering the conference I totally looked over you. sorry.

Living mech:
The thought did actually cross my mind to include the results of the contest but at the end of compiling the CJ I was glad enough it was done.
maybe I should note once again that the community is my guide in the CJ. If you think “hmmm, he will include that in the cj won’t he?” don’ t hessitate to pm me about it! better to have 10 pm’s saying I should include something then 1 comment about it afterwards.

Boolean images:
Right again! good eye :slight_smile:

I should probably explain at this time that this CJ was kind of an unfinished flung together thingy. Timothy is gonna finish the new content management soon and the whole way I make a CJ will change then. untill that time, we have to make do with a new site, but an old content management system.
I hope the small “mishaps” are not TOO annoying.

anyhoo, I’m glad you liked the quotes. I got more possitive comments about it. check out www.blenderchat.com once and a while. Timothy is letting me design it (“uh oh”) and I think I’ll make a quote section over there too.

thanks again for the critisism, very usefull.


(Andy Goralczyk) #5

Yay!!! it’s christm…err CJtime again!
thank you soo much for putting “just one wish” in %| [gotta love these icons]
cant wait to see CJ#6…

(theeth) #6

you’re right, of course…
one would think I should have known better after writing CJ collumns for regularly some time :stuck_out_tongue:

they don’t call me eagle eye Theeth for nothing ( %| )

coolio, I’ll look forward to that.


(sten) #7

This is not very good…the CJ has been out for a few days an very very few of us have been typing in this post, and when entering Elysiun, it would be the very first thing to meet you where it says the newest CJ is out !!

And you can’t even type or comment the CJ as we used too, not yet anyway…I just want to point out that it seems not many are aware of that the CJ is actually OUT !!! :x

(kos) #8

looks nice…gonna read it soon.
and i think my mclaren would have been a better choice than the hayabusa.one more thing…the irritating message that is on the home page of elysiun should be removed now.its valueless.

(Dittohead) #9

wow, nine pages of blender awesomeness, thanks goof, you rock as always! :smiley:

(stephen2002) #10

glad to see a new CJ!

I didn’t see any mention of the BlenderReel project :frowning:

Oh well, can’t expect everything. Nice job.