CJ #6 is out!

yep, thaaaat’s right. a new URL, new content…and a sucky design :slight_smile:
A link for the frontpage is on it’s way, but I don’t want to wake up Timothy at this time of day :smiley:



Thanks Goofster! :smiley: Really appreciate the time and effort you’ve put in for us.

Goofster, nice CJ! However, don’t you think Shigeto Maeda’s Horus, which is soon to be releasd on DVD, deserves to be on the Movie List? :frowning:

%| now you tell me :smiley:

I guess that’ll be a “Horus was just released on DVD” section in the next CJ :slight_smile:


Just saw the credits at the end. Thanks to all others who contributed too!

¡Por fin! Thanks, Goofy! This looks real good, except I think Xtra’s whiskey picture is MLPov, not Yafray.

goof! i updated that blend file for the inventory a day or two ago! bwargh! and i also included a simpler demo without all the game stuff, just the basic inventory…
do you think you could update the cj with the newer blends?


:-? :slight_smile:

Yay! I’ve got a feature in the CJ!

/me jumps for joy!

Good CJ Goofster!

Congrats to those who had their artwork featured.



Thank you very much! :smiley:
That QuickTime panorama tut was quite useful

thanks goof !

you get: :Z :Z :Z :Z :Z for this one :wink:


besides…I dont think it was me that created the ztonzies system…I think it came out that I wanted a special kind of forum status, like ‘zuperman’ and then ‘zorro’ came, and Blengine (or was it basse?) made a snowman and voilá ‘ztonies’ was borned, but I actually dont know how it all started LOL





yeehaw!!! “sucky design” is no understatement, but its the content that counts, right? :wink:

you never stop do you :stuck_out_tongue: ??

Since I had to become a &(%$/$ monkey one way or another, it’s not as bad if it is to thank you for the time you’re taking just for us. It’s such good reading !



“Joepie?” Are you a cannibal who enjoys people named Joe made into pies, or are you trying to say “Yippee!” Then again, that sounds like you’re saying “Hippie” with a speech impediment.

I found the “flatten angels” comment and the Blenderchat quotes hilarious.

must fight urge… must not flame cubefan…


Thank you very much for the honor of the C.J. This community will always be my home no matter what happens. If at any time now or in the future, if anyone asks I am from the Elysiun community and I will make sure that everyone I come across in this industry know it!
Well I just got back from Cold Lake Canada. Maple Flag to be exact…it is like a fighter jet tournament between various countries from around the Globe. I thought of you all the entire time I was gone…I was wondering if there were anyone from there that I could have met up with and I kick myself for not setting something like that up now that I look back. I did come up with something rather interesting that I hope you all might find worth reading…just an idea. It is located under the following thread:


Again it is such an honor to be a part of this community and for that I thank each and everyone of you. I hope to make some more tutorials soon…anything I can do to give back to all of you what you have given me. Together we make history…today…for 3D artists of tommorow. Keep it up and keep on Blending.


o yeah! I heard of that tournament before actually. How did the Dutch do? :slight_smile:

Just remember if you ever come to holland, we HAVE to meet up!
I would be honoured to meet someone who is so inspired like you.


hey why was the Quick time tutorial such a LONG WAY of doing it.

i have done many QT 360 shots and i have to say they are MUCH easier than that.

stick in a camera and hit panorama, set up the x parts to 64 (i think thats the max) then depending on the camer lens size, chnage the width of the x slice, and render. then crop it till it is exactly 360 degrees (and no more)

then stick it in the QT program


QT file