CJ?.....me? I don't believe it.......WOOHOO

sry to make a topic on this but i am so happy =D, this is why…

-go to my usual visits, one of them being Elysiun

-see the new CJ is out, cool get to see some cool art work etc

-open it, scroll down and OMG my pic is in there!!

this is something i thought i’d never be able to achieve, make something that you great blenderers here like enough to put in the CJ, i would just like to say that this is somehting i feel very proud of and i’d like to thank the blender community cause their cool =D. Thankyou for your critisism and making me the best blenderer i can be.

well yeah the picture seemed pretty photorealistic to me
I like that, so I selected it and Goofster approved
keep up this photo-realistic stuff, you seem good at it
so who knows you might get in again!