Do you have to post here to enter the Community Journal? Anyway, You can download three interactive games made by me at shadeless.dk/3d under the games section. I have allready posted these in the other forums, but if you haven’t, please check them out!!!

The games are:

Balloon Park Game (racing)

Maharaja (First person shooting)
outdated pic

Elephant Escape (silly)

Download them here: shadeless.dk/3d

Have fun, - William Reynish

well, you CAN post here for the CJ, but I can’t garantee you’ll be admitted :slight_smile:

I actually played your games, the first person shooter rocks! the Racing game has an annoying bug in it. At a certain point on the track you can go through the barrier, and you can’t get back on the track. very irritating.

The shooter is ultra cool though. when I first opened it I couldnt believe my eyes. very, VERY good.

anyway, all the stuff for this edition of the CJ is done, maybe i’ll put you in for the next one…we’ll see…

Roel “Mr. CJ” Spruit

you can post any of your stuff here
me and goofster just check it out
and if we see something cool we select it for the CJ

almost everything in the Art section of the CJ comes from the forums so, posting here would be the right thing to do to apply - but it will not automatically be in the CJ