claire transport Update

just thought i should go back and finish this wip :slight_smile:

+Update Below+

C&C welcome

Cool, it defently has got the Magic the Gathering style. :smiley: I like that, keep blending :stuck_out_tongue:

That looks nice - it’s so elegant. I like it.

The style of that is great. I’d love to see more of your work.

Wow, nifty. (Did I just say that? %| ) Nice details. I must admit though that it reminds me of a shoe at first sight.

thanks for the comments dewds

C&C welcome

What’s this going to be used for? Movie? Still? Game? :slight_smile: Any way you go with it, it will be cool.

Really nice design - it makes me think of ‘atlantis’ (no, not Disney’s version, just the general idea). What will it be used for?

Broken: I absolutely agree. Atlantian is a perfect way to put it!