Clamp the amount of light that reflects from a surface?

Hi folks,

Please take a look at the attached pic.

In it you can see that (because of the position of the light), i’m getting a lot of light reflecting from the letter M.

Does anyone know of a way to clamp (below a certain amount) the amount of light that will reflect from a surface?

I like how the I & B look, but the M is too much.

I guess moving my light a lot further away and making it brighter would help, but maybe there’s also a way to clamp it?

Seperate material on the M with a lower specular value and you can tone it down to your liking.

Thanks, that would do it in this case, but for more complicated shapes it would be a headache, so still curious about possible ways to clamp it!

Vertex paint or a texture to control the specularity would work as well

How about separate spotlights for each letter? You can adjust the angle to isolate the influence each light has on each letter, and then just lower the strength of the “M” spotlight.

Cheers guys, will give those suggestions a try!