Clank (From Ratchet and Clank the Ps2 game)

So far I’ve got the head. 3 hours work. 2 test models and one drawing to create this.
Please tell me how to improve and make him look better. Just remeber this is my first ever render without a tutorial.


Clank rocks! I also did him as one of my first attempts at modelling, unfortunately I can’t find my renders :frowning: Anyway, I would definitely recommend doing some tutorials, one can hack away for hours and hours when after reading how the pros do it it can take much less time to produce something :). I know I hacked at stuff for ages before just doing tuts to learn…

I including two reference pics here, it’s always best to model from a reference…

I would start if you wanna do some tut’s looking at the forum at the top of the wip section It’s really good and helpfull.

anyway I hope my blabbing helped :smiley:


Yeah, I’m acctually using the second picture you posted as a reference model :smiley: .
I have looked at many tutorials before this, but this is my first just with my own knowledge.
I think his eyes need tweaking so I’ll try and fix that up ASAP.
Also Every time I try and zoom in on Clank after saving him it won’t let me. Nor will let me pan across the page. Does anyone know why this is happening because I can’t finish clank without it working.

Opps, sorry, my bad :o
I agree with you about the eyes, from the pic the rim should be all the way around the eyes… I would also make his jaw stick out a whole lot more… It might be easiest to actually model the jaw as a seperate object, same with the eyes…
As for those wierd zooming problems I have no idea :confused:, anyone?