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Hi! Sometimes I will post projects I’m working on here! Not often though, as I already have a Discord server for my everything, lol.

Here’s my graphics workstation that I make everything on! Built out of love!

Pentium ii 400Mhz
Nvidia GeForce 2 MX 400 32MB
Windows 2000

Here’s what it looks like!

My current project, low poly, one color, limited shading… Weird, I know!

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It is hard to believe that there’s still people out there who would prefer to work with 2.4x (in spite of its many lacks and quirks).

Unity, Unreal, even Godot can now produce better visuals than what BI could do at the time (because of things like PBR). If you want to stay on 2.4x forever with an ancient Win2000 machine than no one can stop you, but even a Raspberry Pi (< 50 dollars) will pack a lot more power in 2020.

Thanks for your input, Ace!

Everything about the hardware and software I use was a long studied, conscious decision, out of love, and a long researched performance margin. All but two things-
Windows 2000, and Blender 2.49.

Firstly, Windows 2000 was a compromise for easy USB support and external mass storage devices. Otherwise I would have chosen Windows 98 for more performance headroom. I have not had any notable issues with performance on Windows 2000 and it has been wonderful. So I’m quite happy with it.

Blender 2.4x however, is another story. It took me years of trial and error to get myself to bother learning the UI, it’s a mess. Blender 2.69 is my preferred version of Blender, but all Blender versions with that wonderful 2.5x UI require SSE/SSE2 instructions, which a Pentium ii just doesn’t have.

I have also had to drop my preferred texture creation software, Photoshop CS5, to use such old technology. CS5 also needs SSE2.
I’m still playing with image manipulation software to find the most useful tool, so far elderly versions of Photoshop fit the bill close enough.

Pentium and Pentium ii system have stolen my heart, so I have been more than willing to relearn everything, only much harder, to use my preferred hardware.
In fairness, Blender 2.4x has proven to have all the powerful tools I need. Blender Internal Render has been my daily driver since my Blender 2012 inception, and I have learned to overcome its limits. None of my current art has required any advanced rendering tools. :slight_smile:
The only annoyance is Blender 2.4x ALWAYS starts in Trackball view mode, which I strongly dislike, and of course the messy messy UI. If I could somehow make it look like the 2.5x UI, and default to turnable view mode by default, I would have no complains. :slight_smile:
I hope this clears everything!

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