Clarification on z buffer or priority rendering

I’m looking to create a space skybox/skydome that is parented to the camera that is the player’s viewport. I’ve tried a couple different methods and even posted on here about it once before. A coworker mentioned today the z buffer. I did some Google searching and it doesn’t seem to be what I’m looking for, but the effect he described is.

Basically, the position of the skybox doesn’t matter and is rendered last (or first depending on how you look at it) so that all objects appear as if they are inside the skydome regardless of distance. This effect sounds perfect for what I want. What is it I’m looking for, and if it’s simple how is it achieved? Python or normally. I’m able to do either.

Look into putting your skydome on a background scene. You may have to set up a second camera in the background scene that copies the rotation of the player camera.

Under Materials->Options there’s a Z offset value you can set. Setting it to a large negative number will cause everything else to be drawn in front of the object.