Clarisse 2.0; Autodesk, Maxon, and The Foundry are shaking in their boots

The video gives an impression that this is what 21st century software should be looking like!prettyPhoto

Forget about Blender copying Autodesk (outside of XSI), we should just copy everything we don’t have already from this software and throw in the best parts from Houdini. Extremely fast, extreme Vfx capability, and extreme memory efficiency (I hear that the amount of polygons it can handle per-gigabyte crushes the other large 3D apps). Heck, I’m thinking this could be a serious competitor to Solid Angle’s Arnold engine (along with actually eating away part of its marketshare).

It looks awesome!

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Just like this optimisation Clarisse(and Softimage) is about speed. It seems noone here thinks its better to speed things up, except for the very few. Which doesn’t matter if developers wouldn’t want it =(
Clarisse was part of Softimage if i remember correctly. So everything that was good comes from one package not much people gave enough credit for.

If I got it right it’s a software to texture 3D models, place them on a scene and render?

I’m a little unclear about this as well. I assume you model, animate, rig etc in another package and Clarisse is for layout and render?

Costs as much as Zbrush for a freelancer but judging by the video it is justified.


“Clarisse iFX is a new breed of high-end 2D/3D animation software which is the fusion of an animation package, a compositing software and a 3d rendering engine. It has been designed to streamline the workflow of CG artists to let them work and constantly interact on their final image with full effects on.”

Sigh, this is absurd. I dont even know where to begin with responding to Ace’s “everyone peeing in their pants” exaggeration.

Look, from a UI standpoint… its not “new” or “modern”. In fact it pulls from many preexisting design elements, kind of like what happens when you mix Nuke, Unity and a dash of Modo together. Oh look tabs for layouts and render windows, kind of what we have been asking for all along… quick drop everything and lets pretend this is next gen! Cmon now…

The second point I need to make, and while this is some awesome software, its not “content creation software” specifically. Its content finalization and visualization software. They are targeting a specific market and part of the pipeline. All the more power to them, but you may as well be saying Blender should just copy photoshops UI… it doesnt really work because the software is a companion to existing software, its one part of the pipeline…not the content creation suit. Maybe someday they will try their hand at it, but at this point its something that exists alongside the primary applications.

So no, no one is shaking in their boots or peeing their pants. Neat software, but lets keep it more in the realm of objectivity.

So no, no one is shaking in their boots or peeing their pants. Neat software, but lets keep it more in the realm of objectivity.

“Clarisse 2.0! An Autodesk executive was briefly distracted from his lunch while reading the feature list on his smartphone. He failed to spear a cherry tomato and it landed in his beer.”

Yeah I agree with SaintHaven here. Nothing we havent seen before just faster. Imagine Houdini having realtime feedback in the viewport/IPRMantra and better interaction tools it would of been a dream come true. Clarisse UI look slick and I excpect that from a well designed UI which is probably the reason there have been so much discussion about Blender Interface since it isnt. If you could create such realtime performance in Blender it would kick donkey-arse but that goes for most applications and that is where Clarisse really shines, it has good features but the Realtime feedback is insane.

If you are into hype and marketing, I guess this might be interesting… the real question is if the hype is actually backed by a level of capability that would make this a must-have pipeline tool.

Kinda doubt it, but it does remind me of another ad.

Du… dun… dunn…

Cycles on my 780Ti looks pretty close to this for real time preview, which means don’t jump to judge until we know what kind of hardware they are demoing in, and is it actually real time? But… my viewport can get laggy with lots of objects. As for constructive suggestions, I wouldn’t mind multithreaded physics and more cloning for scenes (for example, the array modifier usually uses a lot more memory than parenting or particles). And packaging models for easy cloning in a scene can be a headache, especially if you don’t like applying modifiers.

Well it wouldn’t be an Ace thread without that level of exageration, now would it?

I know of at least one A-list VFX studio that is working on using Clarrise as their main render for major feature currently in production, so I don’t think it is all hype either.

This is kind of a rerun from when Clarisse was first introduced. Lots of people praising it like it’s the solution to all the world’s problems but after that I haven’t heard of anyone actually using it.

Don’t get me wrong it is still a nice software. The strongest point of Clarisse would be the exceptionally strong viewport/rended view with it’s amazing instancing system. Other than that it is practically Octane with a bit of placement and animation tools.

Personally for me, I think Fabric Engine is up next. It’s not a full fledged software yet as it’s really more of a building block kind of tool, but all it needs is for someone to build something out of it. I’ve been messing around with and the scripting language and api are pretty impressive in-terms of speed.

There is a lot of substance behind Clarisse or DNeg wouldn’t have made it the backbone of their pipeline.

I have had my eye on it for a while, but have more than enough 3d applications at the moment. Will be interested to see where it is at by v3 and if they incorporate nodal comping into it, rather than their current layer based approach. If it had nodal compositing at the level of its nodal shading system then it would be absolutely killer. Currently it is more of Katana style approach and mainly for scene layout/lighting hence why it so appealing to the FX and matte painting depts.

So many good and cheap FX software options opening up between Houdini Indie, Fabric, Clarisse, Substance etc that it is getting dizzying!

Looks most similar to katana to me… but without support for arbitrary render engines…

Where is the feature list by the way? Didn’t catch it. I’d like to know what precisely you can (and can’t) do with this software. Could help sell it better.