Clarita and Bonnie

Hello everyone!

It’s been a long time since my last post here… so I would like to share with you my latest 3D arwork, this time I inspired in the Halloween topic, in order to create this character I did a lot of sketching on paper and after lots of sketches I chose this concept, the character’s name is Clarita and her little bear friend is Bonnie, everything was done with Blender and rendered with Cycles, I hope you like it guys :slight_smile:

PD: Sorry for my bad English

Very nice work!!

awsome work

She’s adorable :slight_smile: Great work! My only critique would be that her pose looks a bit stiff.

Very cute, she is looking good.

super cute, love the teeth on the pumpkin

She’s adorable! I think my favourite detail of this image is the candy on the floor.