Clarkx scribbles


New here, i’m learning Blender since a couple of month now, beginning with interiors scenes. This is what i’ve done so far. I’m looking for all criticism to improve myself. Thanks for your help !

Looks really good. I have a couple crits on the first one. 1. the normals value on the brick wall could be increased somewhat, and 2. the flowiness of the curtains doesn’t seem realistic, imo.


Thanks for pointing this out, Modron, you are totally right about the curtains, it was a hard time for me to achieve this result and it’s still not as good as i would like…)) I will try to do a new render to get it right !

Here’s a new one !

the issue with the cloth, imo, is that the flow looks too random, as if the air were being churned about in that small area that is effecting the curtains. I think if it had some more directional bias it would come off more realistically.